Bye, Bye Hair- Laser Is Here!

laser-hair-removal in face

Frustrated with the unwanted hair growths that pop up faster than lightning however you try to remove it? Fed up of wasting lots of time daily doing those shaving, waxing and tweezing jobs? Here is the magic solution for you! Remove those unwanted hairs for a much longer period with the laser hair removal methods. It is economical too, as women all over the world use significant amounts of money for the temporary hair removal methods like shaving and waxing.

Laser treatment is a long term solution and hence quite an economical choice too. The web page gives a detailed insight into the process of hair removal using laser treatments. Also, another website mentions about the wonders laser hair removal can do to your hair removal issues.

Laser hair removal is the magical process by which body hairs are not allowed to regrow again and again causing trouble to us. An intense, strong light, the laser light is emitted on the body part first. The hair follicles on the body absorb this light. The light kills the hair and stops the hair follicle from growing again. The number of times the person needs to sit for treatment varies from person to person. While some may require just one or two sittings, some others would need about eight or more number of sittings. Laser hair removal treatments can be used effectively to remove unwanted hairs on the face, legs, neck, back, hands, underarms, and also bikini line. Both men and women can use this method.

Advantages of laser hair removal are as follows:

Saves cash in the long run

Laser treatments are indeed expensive. But when we compare the cost of laser treatment to the money women spends on waxing or shaving for their whole life, then laser treatment is very less expensive. For example, the average amount of cash a woman spends on waxing for her lifetime would amount to £ 17,000. The average amount a woman would spend on shaving for her lifetime would be £7000. The cost of laser treatment would come around £50 to £150 per each session. So the total for all sessions would come around £300 to £900. Though this may seem to be expensive, when compared to £17,000 or £7000 it is less expensive.

Saves lots of time which can be used productively

Women in general waste lots of time shaving or waxing. In a recent study, it was revealed that about 88% of women spend more than 4 months of their life for removing body hair alone, which is a big waste of time. But a single laser treatment would only take around an hour of time.

Relief from ingrown hair

Another problem faced by women all over is the ingrown hair which comes as a side effect of waxing or shaving. Ingrown hairs are hairs which grow back inside the skin. These can be seen as a small red bulge on the surface of the skin. These look awkward and can also be itchy. In some cases, it can lead to infections and person would have to take antibiotic medicines to be cured. Whereas in the case of laser treatment, there is no issue of ingrown hair as the laser treatment kills the hair follicle which prevents hair from growing.

Hence, next time you get exasperated with the waxing or shaving process, consider a laser treatment and be relieved for a lifetime.

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